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1. A great way to find birds (and birders) in your area is to join a mailing list. Below you will find links to subscription pages for lists throughout the ABA area and worldwide. A simple set of scripts for maintaining a mailing list system. Users can signup on multiple lists and only receive one copy if a message is sent to more than one list. Designed to deal with a very large number of e-mail addresses. Free Discussion lists - no so much. As an aside, the reason there's not much out there may be because a forum is a much better tool to use. The well known discussion list software has been around for years , developed when people had e-mail addresses, but not always web access. Mailing Lists. We offer a premium-quality database of 245 Million Consumers & 15 Million Businesses. We also offer Databases to reach business of over 22 Million Executives & 5 Million Licensed Professionals.

To join a list, please type your name, email address and the name of the list below. Your Full Name. Your Email. List Name. You can select the name from the public lists dropdown:

PHP Mailing Lists. This is a completely experimental interface to the PHP mailing lists as reflected on the NNTP server.The news server software that is used is colobus.

Either send a message to (as in, or you can view the commands for ezmlm here. For example, to subscribe to pecl-dev, send an email to and you will be sent a confirmation mail that explains how to proceed with the subscription process.

Naturally, all of US Data’s mailing lists follow DNC and NCOA guidelines, resulting in outstanding delivery rates. We rigorously hygiene our data around the clock to ensure that our clients receive only the best data. Choose US Data Corporation as your mailing list provider and watch your response rates soar. What Else Can Complete Medical Lists Do? Obviously, we are your go-to provider of medical mailing lists, but we have a lot more up our sleeves to make us the one-stop source for all your lead generation needs. Append Phone Numbers. Is your in-house mailing list only postal records, or do just a handful have phone numbers? Mailing Lists for Businesses of All Sizes Anywhere in the United States. If you’re looking for mailing lists that can be utilized in direct mail marketing campaigns to help grow your business, the data experts at HomeOwner Data Services, Inc. (HDSI) can deliver the precise information you need. there are several open source alternatives to creating your own mailing list. Creating an industrial scale mailing list application is a non trivial task. If you want php mailing list scripts you can check out either of the following options. Mailing List Data Entry Services. A comprehensive mailing list is a precious possession for any organization in this competitive world. Mailing lists can be used to generate leads or identify potential customers. It can also be used to formulate a list of potential clients willing to avail your services. Mailing List. Email. Florida County Which lists would you like to subscribe to? Healthcare provider Medical software provider Parent Pharmacy School or childcare Nov 01, 2006 · An opt-in mailing list is one of the most effective methods of making contact with your audience and driving repeat traffic to your site. An HTML form inside a PHP page receives the visitor