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In Windows 7 and 8, you could customize icons in the “system tray” to permanently show on the taskbar, or hide them away in the pop-up drawer. These options have moved in Windows 10. The A.V. Club Windows 10 Tip: Choose Which Icons Appear in System Tray Sep 06, 2016 Show or Hide System Icons In Tray in Windows 10 May 23, 2017 Show All Icons And Notifications In System Tray In Windows 10

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From the new system tray customization menu, click "Turn system icons on or off" to disable some of the icons that Windows itself has added to your system tray. From here, simply use the toggle switches next to any entry you no longer wish to see in your system tray to turn these icons off. May 06, 2019 · Windows 10 normally displays a battery icon in the notification area, also known as the system tray, when you’re using a laptop or tablet. This icon shows the current battery percentage. Low and behold, there is an easy shortcut to access your system tray from the keyboard. Here it is: Simply press Win + B on your keyboard (the Windows key and B at the same time) to select your system tray. Please Note: This trick only works in newer editions of Windows, including Windows Vista and 7, so it won’t work in Windows XP.

Click the “General” category and disable the “Show Skype in the Windows notification area (system tray)” option. Skype’s notification area icon will vanish. Note that people can still send you Skype messages if you’re signed in, even if Skype doesn’t appear in the notification area. To stop that, sign out of Skype.

If you disable an application icon in the System Tray by right clicking it and selecting a Disable or Exit option, you are only eliminating it for this session. When you start up Windows again, it How to show all system tray icons on Windows 10 Aug 01, 2019 What is the System Tray (Systray)? - Definition from